9th July – Social Distancing  

We would like to thank all those on our parks who are adhering to the social distancing guidelines and helping us operate our parks since re-opening. Ahead of the weekend may we remind you of the social distancing that needs to take place on the parks to ensure we can continue to operate safely:

A group of 2 households (including a support bubble) may meet in any location: public or private, indoors or outdoors. This does not need to be the same households each time they meet. People not in a support bubble or from the same household should still remain socially distant from each other.

A group of up to 6 people from different households may meet in any outdoor space, but not indoors. People should still remain socially distant from one another.

However: In all cases, people from different households should ensure they socially distance as much as possible. It remains the case that you should only have close social contact with people you do not live with if you are in a support bubble with them.

Larger groups of up to 30 people may meet together in any location, public or private; indoors or outdoors, but only for “major life events”. This term has not been defined, and the only two examples that have been given so far are weddings and funerals. Therefore large group gatherings are not be permitted.

Please note this applies in conjunction with our COVID terms and conditions, and as such you are not allowed to have visitors from off site.