After careful consideration, we have decided by request to allow seasonal touring caravans to leave awnings erected if they so wish but subject to the following conditions:-

  1. The grass areas next to the awning are to be kept cut & tidy by the caravan owners. The grass will be cut up to 12 inches from the awning by ground staff. The awning should be lifted every so often to allow light on the grass.
  2. The awning is left erected entirely at owner’s risk, this includes any contents within the awning. This means there may be a risk of damage when mowers and strimmers are used near the awning and random stones may be fired towards the awning. We will take care when cutting nearby but we cannot be held responsible for damage due to incidents of this nature.
  3. It is the caravan owner’s responsibility to attend to the awning if damage occurs from stormy weather.
  4. Caravan owners will be responsible for maintaining the awning in clean and tidy order. This means moss and leaves should be removed regularly.
  5. The awning should not be longer or wider than the caravan (unless approved by Flower of May in writing). Annex awnings are not to be left erected when caravan is unoccupied.  Annex awnings require an authorisation ticket obtained from reception.