Private Owners Park Rules

Flower Of May Holiday Parks Ltd strives to offer a facility for enjoyable caravan ownership for all our customers, in a safe and pleasing environment. The following Park Rules are written in everyone’s best interest, and if you are in any doubt about the following, do not hesitate to contact a member of Park Management.

  1. In accordance with the ‘Site Licence’ and ‘Planning Permissions’ Owners and Guests may occupy caravans on the Park according to individual Park Licencing. The opening dates for each season will be advised when annual pitch fees are issued. Caravans must not be occupied outside this period. Head office is open for queries throughout the year, with the exception of two weeks over the Christmas period. No person may occupy a caravan for more than sixty consecutive days. The owner of the caravan is not allowed to register the caravan with the Local Authority as his or her permanent address and may not use the caravan as his or her main or sole residence.

The Caravan

  1. All Park grounds are communal. The area of land designated for an individual caravan is the area covered by the caravan. The area of usage for a Caravan Owner will generally be determined as the side at which the doors open. Park Management reserves the right to clarify any discrepancies.
  2. All caravans are to be kept in good condition and maintained to the high standards of the Park. The Caravan Owner is responsible for the general upkeep of the caravan and the tidiness around the unit, ensuring that the area underneath the caravan is kept clean and free of all material at all times. Park Management reserve the right to remove any items not seen to be stored correctly.
  3. Patios and stone slabs may only be laid with the written permission of the Park Manager and by laying these slabs they are deemed to have passed into the ownership of the Park and may not be removed unless the ground is restored to its original condition. However it is the Caravan Owner’s duty to maintain any such patios and slabs in a safe condition and the Caravan Owner will be responsible for any accidents if this is not done.
  4. No fences, steps, walls, sheds, or similar structures may be erected on the Park. Verandas constructed in accordance with standard designs and approved contractors are allowed on designated areas of the Park. Written permission must be obtained from the Manager of the Park for any veranda or storage box facility. A programme for the removal of structures outwith this policy has been implemented on the Park.
  5. Artificial grass is not permitted.
  6. Plastic storage boxes are not permitted. Approved metal storage box manufacturers and specifications are available from the Park Office.
  7. Caravans / Lodges must not be re-painted without prior written approval from Head office.
  8. Hot Tubs (where applicable) must not be installed without prior written permission from Head Office. A water meter will be required to be fitted and paid for.
  9. Clothes may be dried on clothes airers that attach to the caravan window / decking. Washing lines or rotary dryers are not permitted.
  10. Tents, Pup Tents, Gazebos and motor caravans are not permitted on the static park.
  11. Ball games are to be played on the designated areas and not between caravans.
  12. Written permission must be obtained from the Park Office before the installation of private CCTV and Caravans Owners must adhere to the restrictions and regulations in place regarding the use of CCTV and images. Those with CCTV already installed should contact the park office to make them aware of the prior installation.


  1. All caravans must be fitted with a dry powder fire extinguisher and a fully functional smoke alarm.
  2. All caravans on the Park including those which are occupied only by the Caravan Owner, should have the following safety certifications carried out by certified contractors:
    • An annual safety certificate for the gas appliances in the caravan which complies with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 Act
    • A valid electrical safety certificate for the caravan issued by a registered electrician. This is a requirement every three years.
    • An annual PAT certificate for all electrical appliances within the caravan
  3. A maximum of two gas bottles is permitted at each caravan; these should be stored upright at the designated point at all times.
  4. A caravan key must be left in the Park Office for emergency use only. (This is not to be relied upon for sub-letting arrangements or when you have other members of your family visiting.)
  5. Caravan Owners who sublet or let privately must ensure all / any soft furnishings which are replaced or added to their holiday home (for example mattresses, cushions, loose/stretch covers for furniture, etc.) comply with the current Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988.
  6. Caravans will not be skirted unless by strict prior arrangement and agreement.

Fire Safety

  1. Do not light any fires on any part of the Park.
  2. Do not discharge any firework, firearm or airgun or discharge any stone, missile or set fire to anything on the Park.
  3. Sky lanterns are not permitted
  4. Barbecues are permitted. If using disposable barbecues these must not be in direct contact with the grass.
  5. Firefighting equipment is for emergency use only.

Motor Vehicles & Boats

  1. All motor vehicles should not exceed the 10mph speed limit and should observe any one way or no entry systems.
  2. Business / Commercial / Transit vans / vehicles are only permitted on the Park with written permission from the Park Manager.
  3. Customers must not carry out any trade or business whilst on the Park.
  4. Boats and trailers must be parked in areas designated by the Park Management and not next to caravans.
  5. Repairs and maintenance of cars, boats or any other vehicles are not permitted on the Park.
  6. Motor vehicles must not be washed on the Park.
  7. All motor vehicles must fully comply with the Road Traffic Act and be driven by fully licensed and insured drivers.
  8. Customers may have up to two vehicles on the Park at any time. A daily charge applies for additional vehicles. (second vehicles must park in the car park where applicable)
  9. Minors must not steer cars whilst sitting on driver’s laps whilst on Park.


  1. No business, other than the letting of a caravan for hire, can be operated from the caravan.
  2. No signs to be displayed in or around the caravan or on the Park premises for advertising.
  3. Caravan Owners will ultimately be held responsible for all persons occupying their unit. In the event of behaviour likely to cause offence or damage to any other user of the Park or the facilities, the Company reserves the right to remove any offenders from the Park without redress.
  4. It is strictly prohibited to sublet for longer than twenty-eight days in total per season. Sublets must be notified to the Park Office in advance.


  1. Behaviour should not be excessive, noisy or disruptive, especially at night. Offensive or illegal behaviour will not be tolerated. We may ask you or any member of your party to leave the Park immediately if your conduct is considered to be inappropriate, likely to cause harm or impair the enjoyment, comfort or safety of other customers, staff or the general public.
  2. Your behaviour on social media should be fair and reasonable. Excessive or repeated negative posting may result in further action being taken. We reserve the right to remove anyone from our social media access should the behaviour be deemed unreasonable, constantly negative or aggressive/abusive. Complaints which continually arise should be made in writing to the park office, not via social media.
  3. Noise to be kept to a minimum, especially excessive noise after midnight.

Children’s Supervision / Parental responsibility / Responsible Adults

  1. You, as owner of the Caravan, are responsible for the supervision of all members of your party.
  2. All young children and babies (8 years and younger) must be supervised at all times. Older children must behave accordingly when on the Park. This includes using play equipment correctly, respecting the facilities and behaving in a manner conducive to a family location.
  3. All young children must be accompanied to all facilities at all times (this includes play areas).
  4. Play areas must not be used after dark.
  5. Owners must not allow persons under the age of 21 to stay, unaccompanied, overnight in the caravan.
  6. Unaccompanied young (whereby the majority of the party is made up by persons under the age of 21) or all male / female parties greater than two persons are not allowed to stay in the caravan.
  7. At any one time, when in use, there must be one responsible adult, over the age of 21 staying in the caravan

Bikes, Scooters and Recreational Vehicles-

  1. Bicycles and scooters should be stored either in or next to your caravan, clear of the grass to enable cutting.
  2. Parents must ensure that bikes / scooters are ridden in a courteous and responsible manner, adhering to the specified rules of the road, and supervised by a responsible adult.
  3. Bike racks must be used, where provided.
  4. Please make sure that bicycles are parked sensibly and do not cause an obstruction to other guests or vehicles.
  5. In the interests of safety, bicycles are to only be ridden during the hours of daylight.
  6. Motorised / Battery operated recreational vehicles are not permitted. (Includes scooters, bikes and children’s ride-on’s)

General Park Rules

  1. Any item that causes an obstruction to the grass cutter or strimmer will be removed from the pitch and disposed of if uncollected
  2. Existing trees, shrubs, hedges, etc, will be maintained by the Park and must not be pruned, trimmed or cut down by anyone else. The destruction of trees, shrubs or wildlife is strictly forbidden.
  3. General domestic refuse must be disposed of in the receptacles provided. Customers must not dispose of electrical goods, garden furniture, bikes, bbq’s etc. into Park bins. Private arrangements must be made for disposal.
  4. Private owners and their guests are not permitted to use the touring toilet / shower facilities
  5. Visitors are welcome to the Park, please clarify with your Park Managers where visitors should Park, and if a daily visitor vehicle rate applies
  6. Satellite dishes are permitted, but must not be concreted into the ground.
  7. Exterior taps must not be installed
  8. Hose pipes are not permitted
  9. No pressure washers to be used on the Park.
  10. Solar lights must not be secured into the ground. (They must be attached to decking / veranda)
  11. Holiday Homes are for holiday use only. Regular working / commuting to and from the holiday home is not deemed appropriate use.
  12. Caravan owners must not prepare their caravan for the forthcoming season prior to the Parks opening date. Similarly, Caravans must be packed away for the Parks close period, no later than the actual closing date. Vehicular access to the pitches will be strictly denied during the Close Period.
  13. To ensure safety, we use CCTV cameras on our Parks. We occasionally have promotional photos taken. If you do not wish to be in those, please mention this to us where you see it happening.
  14. All accidents must be reported to Reception.
  15. Personal post or parcels deliveries will not be accepted unless by prior arrangement and only under exceptional circumstances.

Dogs / All Other Animals

  1. No animals, other than dogs, may occupy caravans without written permission of the Park Manager.
  2. Dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times.
  3. No dangerous dogs may be kept at the Park.
  4. Dogs must be exercised off the Park or on a designated dog exercise area.
  5. Dogs must not be allowed to foul the public areas of the park.
  6. Dog owners must clear up after their pets at all times, and dispose of the waste in the receptacles provided.
  7. Dogs are not allowed in any building or on the play areas (except guide dogs)
  8. Dogs / other animals must not be left unaccompanied in cars or caravans.
  9. Only the permitted number of Dogs may be exercised at any one time by an individual.
  10. If you already have the maximum number of pets permitted, visitors must not bring pets onto the Park.
  11. The Company expects owners to apply a responsible attitude to pet care whilst on the Park and be both conscientious and thorough in keeping the Park free of dog waste.
  12. Individual Park Rules apply for dogs / other animals; please consult your Park Managers.

Use of Park Facilities and Bar Complex

  1. All persons using Flower Of May Holiday Parks Ltd facilities must honour appropriate rules of conduct.
  2. All persons using a Bar Complex must honour the Bar Rules and adhere to appropriate sociable behaviour, as required by Park, Company Management and appropriate legislation.
  3. The quoted entertainment may vary due to conditions outside management control and the management therefore reserves the right to amend or cancel accordingly without prior notice.
  4. Full facilities may not be available in early and late season.

Lakes – where applicable

  1. Please do not let children play or wander unsupervised around the lake.
  2. The Park’s fishing rights are only available to Park users that hold a valid Park Fishing Permit. Permits are available from Reception
  3. All types of recreation on the lake or stream are strictly prohibited.
  4. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult aged 18 or over whilst fishing


  1. The Caravan Owner must insure his or her caravan against fire and storm damage and his or her third party liability with a reputable insurance company. Failure to provide proof of insurance will result in breach of agreement.

The Park Owner reserves the right to make additions or deletions to these Rules from time to time as it considers necessary for the general safety or proper and efficient Management of the Park.